Fire Suppression

Colorado Wildland Fire Service specializes in wildland fires. Our department has fought fires throughout the Nation, including several in Colorado.  Our firefighters are considered an engine crew. The crews do everything from start to finish. Fire suppression may include cutting line, checking for hotspots, or protecting structures. We do not fight structures from the inside. After the fire, we will also rehab the fire area, which means we try to put back the land as close to what it was as possible. For instance, if a fireline was cut, crews will go back over the line and fill in the trench, fix fences if they are able, etc.

Mitigation of homes and businesses include thinning the underbrush, and thinning the trees surrounding the area. During fires, our crew often times goes in ahead of the fire and tries to mitigate around homes to the best of our ability to give the homes the best chance possible. This is not always possible to do as the fire may approach too quickly. We advise that it be done before a fire breaks out. Our department will go to homes and businesses to assess what needs to be done to make it firewise. We can also do the work if requested.